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Shree Natubhai R. Bhatu

First of all you are warmly wel-come to the institute of education by all the saurashtra Education Trust Family

SO, You have passed out one of the most important year your life , your 12th.

For Parents It would be tougher job to select the proper career option for their child.

We, here first provide the guidance for the selection of the stream and then the best education of them.

We are here to make you able to make your dream true.

We make them able to make their positions by them selves. We try our best to make one’s life better by providing the best knowledge.

Shree Jasubhai D. Barad
Vice President

I would like to welcome you to saurashtra education trust.

We help out the people to achieve the goals of their lives. We help to prepare educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, scholarship, service ,outreach, and leadership.

We provide widely recognized quality in the improvement of teaching and learning. And also provide leadership in the development of collaborative, professional relationship with the schools, organizations and other institutions focused on the improvement of education in schools, community and workplace setting.

Shree D.L. Ram

Success has a short formula…….

Blessings + Efforts + Guidence

Yes, We have made our institute where a society just send a common man here with the blesses. Here we polish them, make self dependent and provide them the best guidance.

I hearty welcome you all to our institute.

Come… start the journey towards the success…!

Shree B.M. Ram
Campus Director

We Warmly welcome you to saurashtra education trust. I just want to say few words about us that we sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout the whole campus.

Thus students feel comfort ability like their own place and just can concentrate towards their goal.

We just follow one rule….

Do it………… try hard until you succeed… !!!

Shree B.H. Hadiya

All the students as well parents, I welcome you all saurashtra education trust. I surely believe that hard work is the key of success… But we add smart work also.

We do not limit our students ability and talent to the classroom boundaries only.

We enhance the effective and efficient management of the college.