About Institute


Saurashtra Education Trust established on 11th of Jan, 1982 has started mahila arts, Commerce BBA and BCA college in 1996 with a view to help out far better career development. J.N. BHATU college of education in 2003 and MAHILA PTC COLLEGE in 2004 have been established to make the endeavors with the best leadership quality and teaching skill.


The college of education will be a world leader in the integration of

                      a        Teaching & learning
                      b.	Advancement of the knowledge
                      c.	Improvement of the lives of individuals in changing and complex global society by providing theoretical 
                                and practical knowledge as well.	


To prepare outstanding educators, scholars and researchers and to advance the profession of education as broadly defined, through teaching and learning.


Our goal is to develop a college for all people and communities to work collectively and responsibly to meet the academic as well as life long learning to explore future global professionals.